Kardashian Hollywood Game for beginners

Welcome to quickgamer’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood  guide for beginners.
This game is available for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and developed by Glu.
We have a separate guide for locations and contacts.


Here is our Locations directory, indicating in which neighborhood and city each building is located.

Buildings and specific locations are spread through different areas like Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, etc.

There are so far, 4 locations or areas and multiple buildings within those areas. Downtown LA, Hollywood, LAX and Calabasas. You need to take the metro to move to those areas, and you need cash to take the metro. The metro is always located to the very left of each main area.

You will eventually notice that buildings have multiple places within the same building. And more get added as you compete quests.


Different quest givers will keep you constantly occupied. Interviews, modeling gigs, etc. At first the goals will detail how to get to a particular location, but after a few quests have been completed, you will start having to figure that out for yourself, or check our buildings location guide to quickly find out without heading to the wrong place.

Each goal, when started by engaging with the respective NPC in the right place takes a certain amount of time to complete. YOU CAN leave the place if you want to, and the goal will still keep running (check out the goal remaining time at the bottom left corner of the screen, it shows only when located in the goal’s right location).

There’s another way to complete a goal rather than just waiting, you can carry out different tasks within that place. For instance, in the quest Walk it Off you can Face The Camera, Elegant Stride, Balance, Spotlight, etc. Each individual task needs a certain amount of energy to be completed. When completed, a task can drop stars, experience points, cash and BLUE STARS, which fill up the stars bar and are used as an alternate path to complete a goal (check out the stars meter on the bottom left corner of the screen).

Can you do anything else while waiting for goals to get completed?. Yes, you can visit other buildings, specially bars like The Brew Palms to meet new people, sometimes to add them as contacts and sometimes to flirt. The NPCs are not always interested in both actions, but just one of them. If you pick the wrong action, the dialogue box will dissapear and you will no longer able to talk to that person, at least for a while.

Your Feed and Top Stars List.

The Top Stars tab allows you to compare your fame against other celebrities in the Top Stars List.

In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you do get to meet many, many times Kim Kardashian herself, even visit her house in Beverly Hills.


You obviously start at the bottom, which is an E rank and your main objective is to keep climbing until you reach the A List. The rank is always displayed on the top right side of the screen, showing your position within that list and your number of fans,

How to be a D List celebrity?. Complete goals, as simple as that, you can also date other NPCs, even other facebook contacts.


If you have other facebook contacts playing the game, you will be able to find them at bars and possibly flirt or network with them.


Phone contacts are relevant since, once you first network with them, they will eventually give you new goals to complete. The first contacts you will make are Kevin Robinson, Dirk Diamonds, Mitchell Murphy, etc.

HOW TO GET NEW CONTACTS?. It’s simple keep moving from one area to the other through the metro, then pay a visit to the bar in that area, there’s always a new random person waiting there to either network or flirt with you. Contacts are very important to complete goals faster and also to give you new quests.


You can kustomize your character’s appereance by visiting your wardrove and buying new shoes, dresses, trousers, rings, bags, hair styles, shirts, etc. While some clothes are locked, others can be purchased with cash or stars.

Depending how you dress, you will modify your appereance and possibly increase your “romantic” or “professional” looks, thus helping you complete achievements.


You start out renting a small apartment in Downtown LA. The landlord eventually appears to ask you for the rent money as make progress in the game. You can buy more time with stars or risk getting kicked out of the apartment. However, you can also save cash and buy a condo in another area. We don’t suggest buying any furniture at first.


  • Kim’s Picks are premium items, and cost stars, even if they have a discount, they still require you to buy those stars firt to get them into your own wardrobe.
  • You will soon get stuck waiting for a couple of quests to be completed in order to move on and get new quests.
  • How to get stars?. Complete Achievements is the main way to obtain free stars.
  • How to Get Cash?. Complete tasks when doing goals.
  • If you can’t open a menu, for example, the Metro locations, you surely have another menu opened in the room, you need to cancel that menu so you can open another one.
  • You can also adopt pets (like the cat you find in downtown LA) you find at the street, but that costs you stars.
    In exchange, the cat will live in your apartment and you can harvest him for money and XP periodically.
  • What if you run out of cash?. Well, for instance, you can to get a Job at So Chic Boutique. Choosing a working shift and by the end of it the store manage will reward you with cash.
  • The blue stars dropping from tasks are simply energy time accelerators, they reduce the waiting time to complete a goal.
  • The only way you can interact with your friends is by gifting, dating or co-starring
  • Not getting the phone call?. You need to leave buildings and go to the street, is there where phone calls are received
  • Having a good contacts network can help you call these contacts in some goals, they will help you complete the goal much faster and drop cash as well (you will need to spend energy to complete the related task). You need to tap on the blue person + icon to call your contact. Different gigs require different types of contacts.