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Cars! Worth it or not?

I’m considering buying a car, but I’m unsure if it’s worth it. I’ve already maxed out my fans at 68.8M and can’t get anymore. I know it still costs money to use our car but is it cheaper than the bus ? I know there is also 4 cars in the game but I only have the option of 2 at the moment because I do not have the beach house in Mexico or the Mansion in LA, should I wait or are the other 2 cars worth stars?


User 1 Answer
For anyone curious, I bought the car. Even though it was expensive and it costs the same to travel places as the bus, it gave me over 150 stars (professional points!), which will help me get bonuses for projects.

User 2 Answer
No it’s not worth it. All that will happen is that the car will sit at the side of your screen while you take the bus. it’s pointless

User 3 Answer
If you want to, but you will have to pay money to go to different places. For example, if you want to got to hollywood, you have to still pay $6

User 4 Answer
I am on level 13 and I bought a car thinking I wud save money and not have to pay to go places anymore and I bought the car and you DO still have to pay the same amount of money to go places but you get lots of professional stars and so every project you do you get a bonus! so it’s not what you think but I gues it is worth it(: hope I could help!

User 5 Answer
I bought the car in apartment at Tribeca, and going from JFK to Soho to Tribeca used to cost money but is now free.